Too legit, too legit to quit! except for yesterday…

Yesterday was my last day at work.  I moved from lovely sunny Florida up to freezing cold tiny Massachusetts for this job, and I finally had the balls to quit.


Ahem, where was I?

It was bittersweet.  It reminded me of the last day of high school, where you had to come in, attend a few classes, pretend to care, but everyone knew you were just waiting to leave early to sign yearbooks and celebrate not having to see these people ever again.

(whoa, total sidenote here, but I just remembered – my last day of high school, I got an “in school suspension” because I wore khaki pants that didn’t have pleats, and had to spend the last day of school in the dean’s office.  Crazy, right?  I went to a private religious school with an extremely strict dress code.  Since I was an uber dork, wicked smart, and terrified of authority, I got straight A’s, tutored younger kids, and never ever ever got a detention, much less wore anything that wasn’t exactly within the dress code requirements.  I figured, since it was the last day of school, no one would notice or care about my non-pleated khakis, but I was wrong.  On top of the embarrassment, I was given the “We’re so disappointed in you, you’ve always been a stellar student and good Christian leader, how could you do this?” lecture.  That was fun. Yay last day of school!  Although it did give me a tiny bit of street cred when I met up with my friends later that day to scrawl ”omg, you’re amazing, let’s stay friends forever!” in each other’s yearbooks.  The only reason I grew up to be a “good kid” was because anytime I tried to do anything fun or against the rules, I had dire consequences.  First time I drove faster than the speed limit on the highway?  $250 speeding ticket.  First time I attempted to sneak out and go hang with friends?  Rear ended a telephone pole en route to the Dairy Queen for ice cream.  I got the message.)

The whole day was strange.  People kept asking me if I was sad or excited, and I was both.  But I was also nervous.  Nervous to say goodbye or forget something, and extremely nervous about starting my next job.  I haven’t had to learn anything new in years!  Now…it’s all different, unknown, and therefore scary.  Yikes!

I’m pumped about my new job, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still nervewracking.  Will I like my new boss?  Will she like me?  Omg, what if we loathe each other???? <deep breaths, calm down, everything will be fine, you freak>

I celebrated yesterday with a jar of Nutella and a spoon (not the whole jar, honey, I promise), followed by a glass of wine.  Pretty much par for the course for my Friday nights around here.

The new job will be a good fit, right?  Quitting what was familiar and safe wasn’t a mistake, was it?  Oh god…wtf have I done?

4 thoughts on “Too legit, too legit to quit! except for yesterday…

  1. you are going to be AMAZING at your new job, no doubts/other wishy-washy thoughts allowed. Consider the new job owned.

    As for the OLD job…I’ve been online all of yesterday & today. You got out just in time, Quarter End is the worst. I’ve scrolled through Messanger with the intent of sending you a message at least 2x an hour (ooh, this is funny! Ooh, I need to share this!!), but of course you aren’t online anymore – you are sorely missed already! :(

    p.s. Good call on the nutella and wine – I actually had a breakfast today that consisted of 80% nutella and 20% whole wheat bread, but in my mind is still considered part of General Mill’s suggested Healthy Breakfast Options. I should have thought to document with a photo – it looked like a pyramid of nutella.

    • Um, yes, next time, please take a pic of the Nutella pyramid and send it to me – how amazing. Also, I searched for your name multiple times today in messenger, and every.single.time. I had to remind myself that I couldn’t talk to you until AFTER I got home from work. Not fun, my friend, not fun at all. MISS YOU

  2. OMG the khaki story cracks me up! Interesting the consequences were not generated by the ‘rents! You are very brave to leave the known and jump to the unknown, including the move from Florida to Mass, marriage, and now to a new job, potentially a new career, but at least a new path. Your new boss and co-workers will love you though of course there’s always one…focus on those who are positive! Your cheering squad waits for your 1st Day update~

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