Oooooh, look, a new app. Aka, lamest post ever. Seriously, if you value your time, don’t read this.

Soo, this is awesome. I have finally finally finally graduated from blogging with my laptop to creating posts with my ipad. Not only that, but I can take pictures and video with the ipad and upload them directly into a post – how schnazzy is that? and yes, I’m fully aware that everyone else who has ever blogged ever already knows how to do this, but what can I say? I haven’t blogged regularly…ever.

To celebrate, I cracked open a bottle of my second favorite sparkling wine – Rosa Regale by Banfi. Yum!


In other news, we suffered a major blow this week in terms of house hunting. I’m exaggerating only slightly here. As CT’s* employer is providing relocation services (which includes a realtor lady and a mortgage guy), he has been doing all the communication with the mortgage dude – after weeks of unsatisfactory answers to all my questions (you know, run of the mill ones like “So, what are we approved for?” and “Sooo, how much money do we have to put down?” or “Are we paying for closing costs or are those included in the relo package?”), I finally had enough and called Mortgage Man myself. The conversation was quite short, and this guy is as dry as sandpaper – zero humor – but at least I got some firm answers on my questions. Bad news bears…our loan is about $70k LESS than what CT thought we were approved for. Wonh wonh.

So 90% of the houses on our list were removed. However, my dream boat of a short sale fixer upper is still in the game (…”So you’re telling there’s a chance!” – name that movie!), yay! After pouting for a week, CT has perked up a little, realizing that we could potentially have a new house and a new car for me (b/c we both loathe the crappity crap crap car I’m rocking now).

Plus, we’re doing fun stuff this weekend like…researching hardwood floors (engineered and/or interlocking is hot), looking at different types of tile (travertine is sexy), and playing with different budgets. Can you tell we live on the edge here?

I also made brownies today, from SCRATCH. This is the first time I’ve legit baked in probably a year, and luckily, this attempt was a success. Even CT agreed that these were better than boxed brownies, and that’s a monstrous compliment. If you want to blow everyone’s minds by your serious baking skills, head over to Mel’s Kitchen Cafe for the recipe.


One final note – if you’re a fan of vodka, you should really try 3 Olives “Dude”. It tastes like Mountain Dew, and if you mix it with Diet Mtn Dew, it’s like, virtually calorie free…or close enough.

*CT = Champagne Taste = the hubs’ current nickname. This is subject to change at any time, but it makes me giggle AND reminds me of CT from a season of The Real World from a bajillion seasons ago.

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