I dreamed a little dream.

Welp, it appears I underestimated how much the new job would wear me out.  Massive apologies for no posts in almost 3 weeks.  My bad, ya’ll.

I do have some news though!  Nope, not pregnant, and nope, we aren’t moving to Florida yet either, sorry to disappoint.  This is horsie news, ala Gigi.  Did I buy her? Nope.  Will I?  Not in this lifetime.

Turns out, she’s already sold!  Too bad I didn’t know that when I started sending Santa letters asking for her.  But at least now I can stop being angry at Old St Nick and stop wasting my time looking at sparkly browbands that would look omg so gorgeous on her.

The ironic part?  I think I forsaw this in a dream.  Wait, stay with me here, just hear me out on this.  If you’ve ever met me in person, you know I have extremely vivid dreams, and I dream a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.  After I had surgery a few years ago and was on massive amounts of Oxycodone, I had the most amazing/terrifying dreams.  I think I actually freaked my mom out in several cases.  Anywho, I had a dream (hmph, some might say a nightmare) about Gigi and how a good friend of mine (you know who you are!) STOLE HER right out from under me.  Yes, I’ll say it – it was a total nightmare.

Basically, a friend of mine rode Gigi UP the stairs into my apartment (it’s a dream, things can get wierd) and casually dropped the announcement that she’d bought Gigi since I clearly wasn’t going to…and get this, my HUSBAND was in on it too!  No one seemed to care that I was ripsh*t not ok with all this going down, except my friend’s husband, who just sat on the couch and wept because he was the only one who understood that our friendship was over.  I stomped over to my husband and was pleading with him, trying to understand why he would do this to me (I legit felt like my world was ending here….a little dramatic, yes, but again, it was a dream and I have zero control once in the dream).  His response?  He coolly lit up a cigarette (he doesn’t smoke in “real life”), and I promptly slapped him as hard as I possibly could, already planning out the divorce.

Then I woke up.

Barely two weeks later, I learned that Gigi was sold.  How’s THAT for a premonition??!!


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