Ah yes, the snow. It’s officially winter.

In Massachusetts, it snows.  Shocker, I know.  The cold is annoying, but I’m a sweater, so I’d rather be a little chilly than sweating my buns off.  But the snow is just plain miserable.  The first snow I experienced up here as an official resident was magical.  I remember Christmas shopping in the mall, with holiday music playing in the background, standing in the food court watching the flakes float down.  I was mesmerized…

Until I walked outside and got hit in the face with a blob of snow snot.  In my four winters up here, I’ve learned that snow is rarely the beautiful little delicate flakes that melt upon impact.  Oh no.  It’s more like a freezing cold loogie that stings/freezes your face instantly, and it’s HEAVY when you have to shovel your way out of your own driveway, after you’ve already showered and gotten ready for work, so you commute to the office sweating like a snowbeast with sopping wet hair.  Ick.

Plus I still haven’t figured out the logistics of actually riding in the snow.  If there isn’t an indoor arena on the property, I have no idea where to ride, and since I haven’t owned or leased a horse up here during the winter, I haven’t been forced to learn the ins and outs of winter shoeing, blanketing, de-icing buckets, and how to ride without my fingers and toes freezing off (and yes, I know, the answer is to wear gloves and thick socks.  But how do you wear gloves for warmth but still keep the dexterity to ride/text? Plus, once the temperature dips down into the 20′s, plain old paddock boots + chaps won’t cut it…and I can’t justify buying winter riding boots until I actually ride more than once a month).

However, as much as I hate the snow – I think the dog hates it more.

Kinley's "Are you kidding me??!!" look.

Kinley is not amused.