Cheese fries and scratch offs

It’s been so long since my past post, I forgot my password.  I actually managed to get locked out of my account, but luckily for me, my husband is a computer whiz so he fixed it.  Yay him.

Now I’m back in business, sweet!

Today is Easter, and I’ve spent the day cleaning, blech, and helping the husband pack for some upcoming work trips, double blech.  However, to reward myself for all my hard work, we met up with some friends for some cheap pub food (because how else are you supposed to celebrate Easter?  We don’t know anyone with small children for an egg hunt, and I’m too lazy to set up an adult beer hunt).

What I wanted was lobster bisque.  However, they were out (le gasp!).  So I defaulted to my next favorite – cheese fries.  While they didn’t have cheese fries on the menu, they were happy to oblige, and I got a MONSTER sized plate of delicious French fries smothered in cheese and bacon…for $5.30.  Happy Easter to me, indeed.

To top it off, the classy joint we went to has a scratch off ticket dispenser in the corner, and because I was bored, the husband bought a few tickets to entertain me while we waited for our food (I wish restaurants would bring back the paper table clothes and cup o’ crayons that were all the norm in the late ’90′s.  Those were the best).  Guess what, guess what?  I won $165!!

I’m never buying scratch off tickets from a gas station ever again, and my new 2013 goal is to win $5000 a week for life.  I’ll keep you posted.

Also, while searching for my dream horse online, I stumbled onto this video, and it’s amazing.  I’m officially sold on this mare, and I want to buy her.  I sent the seller an email but haven’t heard back yet, so keep your fingers crossed for me!  Check out the goat chilling by the fence about 5 seconds in (I missed it the first 3 times I watched the video), and watch the mare not bat an eye around the 50 second mark.  Amazing.

Horse jumps goat

Happy Easter, everyone!