Blogging Kindergarten

One of the many upsides of being married to a computer tech wizard is that while he set up this fabulous little baby blog (minus any actual babies), I was able to entertain myself by watching old episodes of “Friday Night Lights” while simultaneously playing solitaire on my phone (I like to multi-task, even while at rest, and btw, “FNL” might be the best show ever…along with “CSI”, “Walking Dead”, and “Top Chef”).

Of course, we battled over who got listed as the official admin of this site (i won, thankyouverymuch, and really, did he ever think he was actually going to post? noooope).  While he animatedly described all the bells and whistles of his new creation, my eyes glazed over as I envisioned all the wonderful posts I would create, the lovely little stories I’d upload in seconds, the amazing comments I was sure to get (ha!).

Then the dog puked on me…in my hand, actually (she’s a small dog).  Blech.  I carried her over to the sink to let her finish yakking somewhere easily disinfected (another benefit of tiny dogs), and the entire time, I kept thinking “I’m totally going to blog about this.”  You’re welcome.

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