About Me

I’m a former Southern belle who is fast approaching thirty, trying to navigate a new career and new husband, and ridiculously obsessed with food and horses.  My riding career was put on hold for a few years and my two horses were happily retired.  But as a dressage rider who secretly dreams of jumping all kinds of big scary stuff AND passaging my way down the centerline, I’ve got plans to begin active horse ownership again.  My husband isn’t sold on that idea (since “we already own two that you can’t ride!”), but this blog will serve as a daily reminder that the horse bug isn’t going anywhere.

In addition, my husband calls me “The ExaggeraTOR”, referring to the fact that I may or may not enjoy embellishing some aspects of my daily life, and my mom just says that I need to work on my filtering skills.

This blog is a way I can keep in touch with my friends and family, as well as document all the randomness that legitimately happens to me daily.  Plus I like to cook but hate to save recipes, so this will be my own personal food library.

Oh, and by the way, I adore ellipses…